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Selected software development trends

About 2 months ago InfoWorld published 11 programming trends to watch. I’d like to share three with you since they are close to home for me:

  1. No code is an island
  2. Bandwidth is no longer free
  3. Energy is no longer free, either

No code is an island

Having worked in integration project for almost a decade the idea that there is little code living on an island is not strange to me. However InfoWorld points out that besides that more and more software developer are creating products to enhance other products

Our code is living increasingly in ecosystems. Many PHP programmers, for instance, create plug-ins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or some other framework. Their code is a module that works with other modules.

The same goes for development for mobile devices that rely increasingly on modules or apps created by others, whether they run on the device or in the cloud. This increases the demand for stable interfaces and contracts. Besides that the requirements for availability and scalability will weigh in heavier.

An urge for lean programming

Or create programs that deliver value in an efficient way. New releases of software programmers tend to demand always more resources (just a small example). The cost of keeping a computer plugged in has never been an issue. It never mattered how much energy your rack of servers sucked down because the colo just sent you a flat bill for each box.

The Cloud trend tends to make cost more transparent. Some of the clouds — like Google App Engine or Amazon S3 (example) — don’t bill by the rack or root password. They charge for database commits and queries. This adds a new perspective for software developers. We might need to start thinking about the cost of each subroutine in euros, not in lines of code, function points or milliseconds of execution time.

On the consumer side more and more ISPs adding bandwidth caps and metering. To a software developer this means that optimizing bandwidth consumption when designing apps is becoming imperative. Besides the cost issue this will also be needed because of the customer experience (loading speed etc).

Searching Oracle sample code

This week few initiatives to find sample code caught my eyes.

Oracle Sample Code Repository

Although there was already a sample code page on Oracle’s Technet. There probably were more… Oracle has created a Sample Code Repository. Like any repository this one should centralize and consolidate the large pile of samples that is available, both from Oracle product specialist, consultant, partners and customers.

Actually this could make it easier to find samples. To make this a success, there has to be a spirit of reuse. And as the major part of developers and architects out there can testify that’s not always easy part. It boils down to the same willingness for reuse of code that is required for a successful long term Service Oriented approach of software development within an organization.
Anyway some good examples are already available. A good introduction on samplecode at Oracle Technet can be found in this podcast (m4v) that features Duncan Mills. By the way, more podcasts can be found on the techcast page.

Google Code Search

Google Code Search is not exactly new, but it caught my attention because of some blogpost and comments I saw this week. To give it a try I did some queries with it and have mixed feelings so far. Asking around co-workers did not raise and enthusiastic crowd. Leaving me with the question whether any of you out there uses Google Code Search on a regular basis? And, do you have any examples for what kind of queries this works for you?
Thanks in advance for your comments.