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Installing the Oracle Business Process Repository

To work with the Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite 11g (BPA) as a team, you need a central repository. This post will give you a quick insight in the installation steps of the Oracle Business Process Repository, as the repository for the BPA Suite is called. The complete installation and administration guide can be found here (as PDF). Turn to paragraph 2.4 if you’re installing on Windows of 2.5 if your installing on Unix/Linux.

Installation steps

  • Create a database with the AL32UTF8 character set.
  • Create two tablespaces ARISDATA and ARISINDEX using automatic, unlimited growth. Make sure there is a temporary tablespace called TEMP or alter the SET DL_TS_TEMP=TEMP. If you choose other names alter the SET DL_TS_DATA=ARISDATA and SET DL_TS_INDEX=ARISINDEX in the envset.bat or envset.sh. The envset file can be found in the \Setups\DBMS\Oracle of the V17759-01_2of2 DVD.
  • Alter the envset.bat file to reflect the settings of your database:
    REM The path 2 sqlplus.exe 
    SET TARGET_HOST=localhost
  • Run the envset.bat (or .sh) and install.bat (or .sh) from the \Setups\DBMS\Oracle directory of the V17759-01_2of2 DVD.
  • Run the setup.exe from the \Setups\Windows\Business Process Repository directory of the V17759-01_2of2 DVD. Choose the options to install with an existing repository
  • Choose to run as a Windows service of you’re on MS Windows.

Other useful links

IDS Scheer BPA tool leader

Magic Quadrant BPA tools 2010

Few days ago Gartner published it’s Magic Quadrant for Business Process Analysis tools. ARIS is one of the most comprehensive enterprise and BP architecture toolsets on the market, with strong support for a wide variety of standards, methods and frameworks.

IDS Scheer OEMed ARIS to both SAP and Oracle. Oracle and SAP use ARIS as the EA and BPA modeling tool. This will probably be continued even now that Software AG has acquired IDS Scheer. This acquisition can introduce a period of organization and product integration. Gartner suggests that customers monitor the situation.

ARIS Express

Earlier IDS Scheer has released ARIS Express, as free BPM software product to the market. Gartner sees the Express product as a lightweight BPA product for low maturity or occasional use. It can be used for commercial use and has an upgrade path to ARIS professional products. A great product for anyone starting on the BPM track.

Software AG acquires IDS Scheer

Only two years after acquiring webMethods, Software AG has announced it wants to acquire IDS Scheer. IDS Scheer has a great name in the BPM as well as the Enterprise Architecture (EA) market. Their strong global brand will enabled Software AG to grow it’s name in these markets.

Oracle has based it’s BPA Suite on the ARIS Design platform. From now on Oracle has to rely on a competitor to augment the process modeling capability functionality of their suite of products in the BPM arena. This puts the Oracle BPM 11g and BPA Suite 11g Partner Community Launch in a slightly different perspective.

One of the most insightful blog posts on this subject so far comes from Forrester. This, like other sources, states that “Software AG has agreed to treat ARIS as a separate entity, with its own roadmap and strategic direction“. Actually good news for ARIS customers, and continuity of the ARIS Design platform.