This blog (deltalounge) is based on my (Peter Paul van de Beek) experience working as an architect and software developer in The Netherlands (the delta as in change). Architecting information technology shifts and business innovation. Besides that, I have experience in several expert roles in projects implementing Service Oriented Architectures. I did quite some presentations on this subject, both as part of pre-sales, training of our customers, as well as at Codemotion, GOTO Nights, Oracle Open World, the SOA Symposium, LAC, masterclasses for the Butler Group and at ODTUG.

All weather agile architect in the digital worldSince november 2012 I’m working for a Dutch online retailer. My recent function title is IT architect. Performing for several scrum teams with functional focus on

  • Inventory Management
  • Order to Cash – Logistics (fulfillment)
  • Purchase to Pay
  • Purchasing Conditions
  • Retail tooling
  • Media/advertising at online platform
  • interfaces with Accounts Payable and the General Ledger

Besides presentations and master classes on architecture, I did quite a few on (scaling) lean and agile at small software conferences and for example LAC.

all weather architect Peter Paul van de BeekThis blog is targeted on sharing knowledge and trivia in my fields of expertise, preferably in a relaxed environment (like a lounge). Sharing and “consumption” of both knowledge and trivia, will lead to a change in the system (delta).

all weather architect Peter Paul van de Beek

Your all weather agile architect in the digital world