Day 2 problems in the Cloud

When moving to the Cloud companies run into “Day 2 problems”. The technology, interfaces and how to use all the stuff are super easy however on the second day comes the real challenge: How to use all this great stuff in a structured way on company/enterprise level?

Here is a great read on “Day 2 problems in the Cloud“. Day 2 is a management problem, not a technology problem. Adoption and implementation require different skill sets, than innovation. These have to be put to work.

One thought on “Day 2 problems in the Cloud

  1. Mark | SureLink

    When transitioning a company to the cloud, we find that planning is the key. Our cloud-based Envisio planning software enables companies to transition their strategic plans from paper-based or excel version into a fully automated cloud-based solution that is accessible from any computer in any location around the world. This is couldn’t happen without careful planning and most importantly bringing people along on the journey through change management process in both employee and management sectors of a business.

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