SOA Suite EM create partition

In Oracle SOA Suite 10g, or more specific BPEL 10g, one could group functionality in domains. This feature has been away in the early versions of SOA Suite 11g. They have returned in more recent version and can be used for all SCA composites (instead of BPEL only). Nowadays these 10g domains are called partitions.

Create SOA Suite partition

  • Login to the Fusion Middleware Enterprise Manager: http://server-name:portnr/em
  • Use the tree-view on the left and select soa-infra.
  • Use the SOA Infrastructure dropdown menu and select the Manage Partitions item.
  • SOA Suite EM Manage Partitions

  • The manage partitions page appears and you should select Create… to create your new SOA Suite partition.
  • SOA Suite Create Partition

  • Enter a name for the partition and press the create button.
  • SOA Suite Partition

While deploying SCA appications from JDeveloper or ANT you should add the partition from now on.

2 thoughts on “SOA Suite EM create partition

  1. CraigSoneson

    What are the pros and cons of adding partitions? Is it merely cosmetic in EM?

  2. PeterPaul Post author

    It is more than cosmetic. For example as a developer I could be working on a someProcessBPEL in a separate partition and the things I try wouldn’t affect others.
    It could also be used to separate logic domains over partitions.
    There are some settings that are per partition.

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