8 step course for architects in human relations

One of the most important tips in succesfully implementing an enterprise or application architecture has always been to communicate it really well. Since human relations are at the heart of communication these should be studied and refelected on from time to time. In this post I wanted to share an opportunity on that for you; a very small course on human relations.

The first time I read about this course was in Terry Starbuckers blog post on One Of The Best Leadership Lessons Ever…..In Just 29 Words. It doesn’t take long to find out that this short course in human relations has spread over the internet. However it’s contents aren’t new or unique doesn’t make it less valuable or profound.

Short course in human relations

The 7 most important words:

“I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”

The 6 most important words:

“I admit I made a mistake.”

The 5 most important words:

“You did a great job!”

The 4 most important words:

“What do you think?”

The 3 most important words:

“If you please …”

The 2 most important words:

“Thank you.”

The 1 most important word:


The 1 least important word:


I like it because it is simple, human and humble. Maybe you’d like to print the slide from Terry Starbucker.

Another list: 8 qualities of remarkable people

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