Kscope 11 ADF, AIA and Business Rules


There are a lot of presentations at Kscope on ADF where it is mentioned that the level of Java knowledge to implement ADF based applications is very limited. The first presentation by Markus Eisele I saw on Monday was an introduction to Java. It was called “All the Java ADF beginners need to know”. In this hour a short history, Java’s characteristics, at a high level the differences between Java EE, Java SE and Java ME were covered as weel as the the basics of the Java language.

The second presentation on ADF this day was by Sten Vesterli. It was titled: “Enterprise Applications with Oracle ADF – Skills, People, and Tools”. Not only did he go into these three aspects he also spend a part of the presentation on the process of developing software applications using ADF. The skills that were mentioned to develop ADF applications:

  • ADF Framework – Programming by exceptions
  • Object Oriented programming
  • Java programming
  • Database programming (Datamodel, PL/SQL, Batch like things)
  • XML – (Reading the Source View)
  • Regular expression
  • Graphical Design
  • Usability

Business Rules

EuroTransplant is one of the SOA Suite customers that uses the Business Rules Engine that comes with it in a production environment. Wilfred van der Deijl showed us from a developers perspective how the tools is used. During the presentation was clear that business goals like “the business must be able to verify the implemented rules” were clearly met.


Edwin Biemond gave “An Introduction to Application Integration Architecture“. The demo in his presentation helped to demystify the implementation of an AIA integration flow.

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