A pre-JavaOne peek into the future of Java

In this week just before JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld the topic “the future of Java” keeps coming up again and again. Today the tweets coming out of the Oracle ACE Director briefing, that some how aren’t affected by a non-disclosure agreement, seem strong and positive: Ranging from Extremely passionate and very impressive, and incredibly passionate address to amazingly open words. Resulting in the statement Oracle is on the good side of the force… as far as Java is concerned. As close as we mere mortals can get at this point in time…

In one of the tweets Thomas Kurian is quoted:

After my keynote, there is no longer any confusion about the Java feature roadmap.

To see for yourself what the future of Java looks like, watch Thomas Kurian’s keynote live via the stream on JavaOne and Java Develop. To be continued…

Note that the Java Champions have joined the Oracle ACE Directors. As was stated here this significantly raised the number of Eclipse users 😉

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