Restart a failed AIA 11g R1 installation

In this blogpost I’ll share some steps you can take to get your AIA 11g R1 installation back on track. If you do not perform the Pre-Installation Configurations as described in the Foundation Pack 11g Release 1 ( Installation Guide (available as partnumber E17949-01 via eDelivery), it is possible that your AIA installation fails. After checking the pre-installation configuration it is possible to start the installation again if you follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to /user_projects/domains/ and delete the edit.lok file.
  2. Delete any file located in /user_projects/domains//pending
  3. Log into the weblogic console and activate all the changes.
  4. Restart SOA Suite and Weblogic domain.
  5. Press retry button on the installation screen

If the installation screens are no longer available because you closed them, use the log files to figure out what targets haven’t been performed yet and run these targets (in the sample case below it were Deployments and PostInstallScript):

Move to the /aia30/aia_instances/aia30poc/bin and source ./

ant -f /aia30/Infrastructure/Install/AID/AIAInstallDriver.xml -DDeploymentPlan=/aia30/config/FPInstallDP.xml -DPropertiesFile=/aia30/config/AIAInstallProperties.xml Deployments

ant -f /aia30/Infrastructure/Install/AID/AIAInstallDriver.xml -DDeploymentPlan=/aia30/config/FPInstallDP.xml -DPropertiesFile=/aia30/config/AIAInstallProperties.xml PostInstallScript

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