Faster start of Managed Server after AIA install

It is possible you noticed that after the installation of Oracle AIA 11g R1 starting the Managed Server of WLS takes more time than before the installation. This is not only due to the new Composites. There are also some settings you could change to reduce the time the Managed server to which you deployed AIA needs to start up.

Change JDBC settings

JDBC Settings

JDBC Settings

To alter some of the JDBC settings that are configured during the AIA 11g installation go to the WLS Adminnistartion console – http://yourserver:port/console. In the Domain Structure choose: > Services > JDBC > Data Sources.

Change the settings of the following JDBC Data Sources that were created during the install of AIA of the AIA Demo:

  • AIACentralDS
  • AIADataSource
  • FODDataSource
  • LifeCycleDataSource
  • mds-soa
  • XrefDataSource

Data Source Settings

Data Source Settings

In the Settings for "Data Source Name" select the Configuration and the Connection Pool tab. Expand the the Connection Pool tab by clicking the Advanced link. The alter the Login Delay from 30 to 0 seconds.

Login Delay

Login Delay

This will reduce the time that is needed to start the Managed Server by several minutes.

3 thoughts on “Faster start of Managed Server after AIA install

  1. harikrishna


    In my weblogic console i can see all the datasources except FoddDatasource,Fodd.This means is there any problem with my AIA installation???

  2. PeterPaul Post author

    The FOD refers to the Fusion Order Demo. So if you choose not to install the demo than there should not be a problem. Info on reinstalling the FOD DataSource can be found on this page

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