Oracle Sun – SOA and Integration strategy outline

The webcast of the SOA and Integration strategy was a few days later available as the overall strategy. You can find the entire webcast here.

SOA Platform

The combined Oracle Sun solution focus boils down to the following bullets:

  • Oracle SOA Suite continues as the strategic product.
  • Sun JCAPS continues to be supported and maintained
  • GlassFish ESB continues as an open source project
  • A bridging technology is planned to support collaboration between JCAPS and Oracle SOA Suite.
  • Key functions from the Sun SOA products will be incorporated in the Oracle SOA products.

Portal technologies

Oracle WebCenter stays the strategic portal offering. Support for both GlassFish Web Space Server and Sun Portal Server will be continued. An upgrade path to WebCenter is planned for both. The IP (Intellectual Property) for Sun’s Web Space Server will be released into the Liferay open source community.

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