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There were some great sessions on the first morning of the 2009 edition of the SOA Symposium. One that is again dedicated to “substance only”. The keynotes of Thomas Erl and Anne Thomas Manes basically went on where the blogpost ended, and declared “SOA is dead, long live Services”. Most people forgot to read the last part of that statement. At the same time we’ll see that Architecture will play a main role in Next Generation SOA.

The New SOA is all about Architecture.

If we are not going to use the architectural principals and patterns, we won’t be able to “clean the house”. This will leave us with the same problems as we had before… only now they have a SOA sauce on top of them. Business is not interested in this somewhat technology flavored sauce. And that is what makes it hard to sell SOA to the business!

Exorcism of the bad SOA

Before we can go to the new and improved SOA, we have to lose the old one. So a real “exorcism” based on the movie was held, as a ritual to leave the past behind. This left us with the question what the New Good SOA will look like. Here are some clues:

  • SOA is something you DO, not something you buy – which is not the easiest statement with al these vendors around 😉
  • SOA doesn’t have to be large scale – This will take away some of the burdens of the enterprise wide scope, that has difficulty with timely delivery and showing business value within a reasonable time.
  • It is about business value – Leaving us with the question how to measure the value of a paradigm? One of the answers lies in the search for metrics for the values of (business) Services.
  • A lot of other possible buzz words – Cloud, BPM, SaaS, and Mashup – depend on the success of the Good SOA. This will leave SOA a prerequisite for the future.

2 thoughts on “SOA Symposium – Next Generation SOA

  1. PeterPaul Post author

    I read your post with interest. From my point of view I think that one the good things that comes from the SOA Manifesto is the revival of the discussion on SOA. This will lead to a better understanding for all of us. It also reminds me of the discussions we had 2 – 3 years a go to reach a common understanding of SOA, its principles, etcetera. There was heated debate, and in the end we all learned the value of different standpoints. That lead to better software solutions to our customers.

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