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The Why move to SOA Suite 11g blog post, showed me that one of the important benefits of the OFM 11g release slipped to the back of my head… Pat Shepherd actually throws in a bonus – 11th reason:

BAM has been rewritten entirely in Java offering platform choice and better performance

From the integration point of view it is great that BAM is now available on the J2EE stack (instead of MS ISS). This will lower the costs for companies that want to use BAM besides the SOA Suite. Not only brought this down the requirements for the machine it is running on (I was able to run BAM server besides the rest of the SOA stuff and JDeveloper on my laptop – although it wasn’t the most performant system ever witnessed). Besides that the cost of managing the platform will be lower since there is only one type of application server involved.

MS is still needed for BAM…

For those who want to get rid of MS asap, there is sad news: Microsoft Internet Explorer is still needed in this release. This is due to the fact that al those great graphs that can be created, use ActiveX controls VML (Thanks Sanjay). VML is a Microsoft and Macromedia specific XML language to produce vector graphics. The open standard for vector graphics is SVG (W3C SVG home).

BAM links

The BAM User Guide can be found here. Beside the documentation there are already some interesting blogposts on BAM in 11g Release 1 available.

As a last word I’d like to add that with the 11g release of BAM i’m much more comfortable with putting BAM into play at a customers site.

Mid 2012 update

As the screenshot below shows BAM still requires IE 7 or 8 as stated in eg the SOA Suite Quickstart Guide:IE 7 without special plug-ins (there’s a Pro-search plug-in and Microsoft Internet Explorer Knowledge Base Update (KB2416400) that causes problems); IE 6 has a few UI issues. Firefox does not work.

There are a few workarounds available:

  • In Windows you could use an IE plugin for FireFox or Chrome
  • You could expose Oracle BAM data using an ADF Data Control – “Using the new Oracle BAM data control, ADF developers can build highly dynamic web-based applications that embed business information pushed in real-time from Oracle BAM Server” In this scenario you have to code the GUI…

So the statement still is:

Browser independent functionality is on our roadmap for a major release in the future.

2 thoughts on “Fusion Middleware 11g – BAM

  1. sanjay

    IE is needed not because of ActiveX control as you state but because charting uses MS specific VML language.

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