Oracle gets Sun Microsystems (and MySQL for free)

Not to long ago Oracle tried to acquire MySQL, and Sun got away with the prize. Few years earlier, actually in 2005, Oracle acquired InnoDB. This was seen as an effort to lower the valuation of MySQL by removing one of it´s primary storage engines. Which (under the assumption that the valuation of Sun wasn´t raised to much after they got MySQL) succeeded in the end, since they got MySQL in the package.
Anyway for MySQL adapts the good news is that MySQL probably will stay open source according to a founding developer of WordPress.


As with any merger a lot of questions will be raised that can be answered in the following months (or years). Will Oracle continue with multiple JVMs? Both acquisition of BEA and Sun brought one into the company.
Same goes for application servers… Oracle had one, bought one with BEA, and one with Sun. Oracle favored WebLogic over OC4J. But will Glassfish remain in the portfolio?

However most worrying point for Oracle´s customers will be how this will effect release dates of (long) promised features, and bug fixes. Just like the integration effort after the acquisition of BEA is doing right now…

And what has MS got to do with it…

Did I already mention that Oracle now has also acquired Open Office. This means that these two rivals have created a new field to play the battle of giants.

Update June 8th, 2009 Sun´s special stockholder meeting to vote on the adoption of the merger agreement is scheduled for July 16, 2009.

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