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Performance testing at bol.com

On Monday October 12th Rob de Groot and Chris Kramer of the bol.com test automation team and development process innovation team will present on performance testing at bol.com. The presentation is for the Dutch Web Performance & Operations Meetup, as a pre-event for the WebPerfDays.

Rob and Chris will elaborate on how performance testing evolved at bol.com and show how modern tooling like Docker and Mayfly fits into the future of performance testing? Mayfly is the user story centric Continuous Delivery development platform, developed by bol.com.

The event will be hosted at bol.com headquarters in Utrecht (map).

RSVP and join!

FitNesse add tags to multiple pages at once

FitNesseTaggerSearchWe’re using FitNesse as one of our tools for (acceptance) testing. It can be quite laborious in FitNesse to add tags to multiple pages at once. So one my colleagues – Joost van Wollingen – wrote a nifty tool that can mass tag selected pages.

In order to have FitNesse add tags to multiple pages at once, start the Java program. Select the directory from where you want the search to start. Enter the tags you want to search for/ filter on.

FitNesseTaggerResultsThe search results are displayed in the results tab. You can add or remove (comma separated) tags for single pages or for all pages in the result set.

If you’re facing the same challenge to have FitNesse add tags to multiple pages at once and want to test/use the tool, contact me or Joost / leave a comment…