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Amazon’s best sold laptop runs Linux

Amazon’s best sold laptop runs Linux! And I must admit that I was surprised to discover this today. It has been the for almost three months today.
Amazon best sold laptop runs LinuxAmazon best sold laptop runs Linux

It’s Samsung’s ARM-powered, Linux-based Chromebook. This laptop has at least three great advantages:

  • It is cheap. There is no laptop in Amazon’s top-20 that can compete based on price. It’s even hard for tablet to be cheaper.
  • It is easy. Anyone that can use a web browser should be able to use the Chromebook. There is learning curve.
  • Although it runs Linux, you have to try hard to find that. Unlike with Windows 8 you don’t have to relearn how to use your laptop. Same goes for those moving from Windows to OSX. Even there is more learning involved.

Think about how you are using your laptop most of the time: If you spend 90% of your time using the web the Chromebook might be something for you. Especially if you are using software-as-a-service or Web apps most of the time. On the other hand if you need special programs that require Windows or OSX this probably won’t work for you. Right now you might want to check ZDnet’s review of the Samsung Chromebook.

Getting SOA Suite 10.1.3 to work with Oracle

Sometimes the speed of Oracle releases is hard to keep up with, as Antony Reynolds discovered and shared with us in his blog. Even when product combinations are certified with each other.

Oracle 11g database

The 11g release 1 of the database has been out long enough. It cannot be considered bleeding edge nowadays. So both from a features and longevity perspective it makes sense to deploy SOA Suite on a 11g R1 database. This blog post will show you the additional steps that are needed to install SOA Suite 10.1.3. on 11g R1.

Oracle Enterprise Linux

The SOA Suite installer checks whether the OS it is running on, is supported. At the time 10.1.3 was first released, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 (OEL) wasn´t on the list. The result is that the installer fails. There is a patch (6339508) available and a blog post that describes the solution.