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Install JDeveloper 11g SOA Suite extension

To some of us it came as a surprise that SOA Suite design time stuff was no longer an integral part of the Oracle IDE. To use BPEL, Mediator, Human Task, and Adapters the soa-jdev-extension is required. So we have to install the JDeveloper SOA Suite extension from 11g on.

Install SOA Suite extension in JDeveloper

The SOA extension can be acquired using the menu Help | Check for updates, clicking Next, and selecting Oracle Fusion Middleware Products. Select Oracle SOA Composite Editor and click next to start the download. Since the extension is over 200 MB this could take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. When the download has finished, the version number details are shown and you’ll click finish to start using it.

Install from local file

Update wizard

Update wizard

If the download described above is not working for you, try the install from local file option.
Go to the Fusion Middleware Products Update Center to select the correct version of the Oracle SOA Composite Editor to go with your version of JDeveloper 11g. If you’re using JDeveloper 11g R2 you’ll find it here. The file is called soa-jdev-extension.zip.

Download the extension, and instead of selecting the Search Update Centers option during step 2 of the upgrade you choose the Install From Local File option and the appropriate file. This is displayed in the screenshot. From here on it is a Next - Next - Finish operation.

Install other JDeveloper extensions

Other JDeveloper extensions like the AIA Composite Application Framework, PHP extension, and the SQL Developer extension can be found in the update center.