Where do the JDeveloper extensions go?

Where does the downloaded stuff go after you installed JDeveloper extensions, like SOA Composite Editor, Oracle BPM Studio, or AIA Service Constructor? On Windows you can find them here: C:\Users\_your_username_\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\tmp\update Shouldn’t you be able to access the AppData directory, follow these instructions: Go to the folder options, on Windows7 by clicking the Organize menu and […]

VirtualBox improve virtual machine performance

Virtual Machines are a great way to test stuff or use valuable tools in a separate environment. Think of test driving an OS, like Ubuntu 12.04 or Windows 8. Other examples include using pre-build appliances to use Oracle SOA Suite and BPM or WebLogic Server and Java tools. Improve VirtualBox appliance performance These Virtual Machines […]

JDeveloper 11g with BPM Studio extension

To create Oracle BPM processess with JDeveloper you need to install the BPM Studio extension. This is similar to installing the SOA Suite extension. Ensure that the desired version of JDeveloper is installed. You can download JDeveloper here. Should you be unsure on how to install JDeveloper check the SOA Suite quick start guide to […]

AIA Service Constructor in JDeveloper 11g PS3

JDeveloper 11g needs extensions to work with SOA Suite / SCA Composites and AIA 3.0 (for example the Service Constructor). An earlier post describes how to use SOA Suite extension in JDeveloper 11g. This post will show you how to install the AIA Service Constructor. The AIA Service Constructor can be acquired using the menu […]

Install JDeveloper 11g SOA Suite extension

To some of us it came as a surprise that SOA Suite design time stuff was no longer an integral part of the Oracle IDE. To use BPEL, Mediator, Human Task, and Adapters the soa-jdev-extension is required. So we have to install the JDeveloper SOA Suite extension from 11g on. Install SOA Suite extension in […]