Configure BPM engine to publish to BAM

By default the Oracle BPM engine (Business Process Management) is configured so it won’t publish events to BAM (Business Activity Management). So should you choose to use BAM and use these great dashboards, you have set the DisableActions property to false/empty. Here is how it works to configure BPM to BAM: Log in to the […]

Oracle BPM enable BAM

BPMN processes created in the BPM Suite can be monitored by standardized dashboard in the BPM workspace. Besides that there a default views to export Oracle BPM metrics to a data warehouse. And there is another option: BAM – Business Activity Monitoring. BAM takes the monitoring of BPMN processes one step further. BAM allows you […]

Fusion Middleware 11g – BAM

The Why move to SOA Suite 11g blog post, showed me that one of the important benefits of the OFM 11g release slipped to the back of my head… Pat Shepherd actually throws in a bonus – 11th reason: BAM has been rewritten entirely in Java offering platform choice and better performance From the integration […]

Gartner Magic Quadrant for SOA Infrastructure Projects

In June gartner published it’s Magic Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Systematic SOA Infrastructure Projects. Due to the nature of SOA initiatives the selection of technologies and products aimed at supporting the implementation of the SOA infrastructure is done upfront. The resulting platform is shared among SOA applications and other integration initiatives in the enterprise. […]

SOA and E20 Partner Community Forum – 2

Some notes and dump of thoughts on the second day of the SOA and E20 Partner Community Forum. A day filled with interesting breakout sessions. Some of them were discussing roadmaps and future developments in the stack, and thus subjective to an NDA. SOA platform Again after this session I came to the conclusion that […]

SOA and E20 Partner Community Forum

Today I attended the first day of the SOA and E2.0 Partner Community Forum. For a detailed agenda of the event check this link. The event with 200 registrations was hosted at Capgemini in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Tattie picking The first keynote by Andrew Sutherland had a few great stories that leaded the way to […]

Another easy way to test drive SOA Suite and BPM 11g R1 PS2

In June an AMI (Amazon Machine Image to use on the EC2 platform) for SOA Suite and BPM 11g R1 PS2 became available. In the last days it was announced that a VirtualBox Appliance is available. The timing, just before Oracle OpenWorld 2010 cannot be a coincidence… This appliance contains a fully configured, ready-to-use SOA/BPM […]

Running SOA Suite 11g on your workstation

There are several advantages when working in a project with Oracle SOA Suite to have a local installation of the SOA Suite on your workstation. While developing and trying bits of code you can’t break other peoples work as you can on a central server. Running FMW 11g on a workstation with say memory on […]

Fusion Middleware 11g first impressions

Within a week from the launch of FMW 11g I was able to to get a good first impression of this milestone release. We attended the SOA Suite Foundation training that was lead by Oracle PTS. Basically this leads you through the OrderBooking order demo / tutorial. This gives a good impression of the foundations […]