VirtualBox – Install Ubuntu 13.04

To install Ubuntu 13.04 in a fresh VirtualBox image, create a VirtualBox image as described in the blog post on installing Ubuntu 11.04 in VirtualBox. Focus on the Prepare Ubuntu install in VirtualBox section.

In the latest versions of VirtualBox you can choose multiple types of virtual disks (.vdi , .vmdk , et cetera). This is most relevant if you want to share your image across multiple virtualization platforms. If you have no specific requirements go with the default.

Install Ubuntu 13.04 in VirtualBox

  • Go to the settings of the newly created VirtualBox image;
  • In the storage section add an IDE Controller pointing to the installation disk: ubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso for 32 bit or ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso for 64 bit;
  • Ensure that you have asigned the VBox image enough processing power and memory;
  • Boot the installation iso by starting the VirtualBox image;
  • Watch Ubuntu 13.04 booting;
  • Choose your language and install Ubuntu;
  • After Ubuntu prepared it’s install and checks some stuff for best results, click Continue to go on with the installation;
  • In a new VirtualBox image you can safely choose to erase all stuff on disk and install Ubuntu (it will use ext4 as a file system);
  • Select the created VBOX Harddisk to do so. Choose install now;
  • Choose the location while Ubuntu continues creating the file system in the background;
  • While Ubuntu keeps copying files choose your keyboard layout;
  • Choose your name, the computer’s name, your username and password. For additional security you choose to encrypt your home folder;
  • Restart the Virtual Machine and log in;

VirtualBox Guest additions

The screenshots in the gallery also show how to install the VirtualBox guest additions in Ubuntu 13.04. Check this post for more details to install Vbox guest additions to install the VirtualBox guest additions.

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