Virtual PC (0x80004005) doesn’t tolerate VMWare or VirtualBox

Since I had to test some webpages with IE6 (please don’t ask), I wanted to use Windows XP Mode on my Windows 7 laptop (actually run it in VMWare as described here). Microsoft provides virtual machines (vhd files) to run in Microsoft Virtual PC.

KB958559 fails with 0x80004005

Rolling back the update

Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 is released as an update for Windows 7, and has the Knowledge Base Article ID of KB958559. So I tried to install it. That went actually pretty well until I had to reboot my laptop. At about 98% of the update process during the reboot it gave an error and rolled back the update. The log showed:

Installation failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80004005: Update for Windows KB958559

Digging into the support forums and blog posts on the subject, the most common working solution I found to the problem was to uninstall VMWare and/or VirtualBox. After the uninstall you can install Virtual PC without the error and after that reinstall VMWare and/or VirtualBox.

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