Installing WebLogic Server on Ubuntu and JRockit 64 bits

Installing WebLogic Server on Ubuntu and JRockit 64 bits. This installation will later be used to install Oracle Service Bus.

Download the WebLogic Server installation files from OTN or E-Delivery.

Make sure the JAVA_HOME refers to the proper Java installation:

$ JAVA_HOME=/oracle/jrockit-jdk1.6.0_24 export JAVA_HOME
$ PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH; export PATH

Check that the proper Java version will be used:

$ java -version
Oracle JRockit(R) (build R28.1.3-11-141760-1.6.0_24-20110301-1432-linux-x86_64, compiled mode)

If you are installing WebLogic Server on a 64-bit platform using a .jar installation program use the downloaded wlsversionnumber_generic.jar . Start the installation using the following command. Include the -d64 flag in the installation command when using a 32/64-bit hybrid JDK.

$ java -d64 -jar wls1035_generic.jar
  • Welcome screen – Click Next
  • Choose Middleware Home Directory – Create a new Middleware Home and enter the directory of your choice
  • Register for Security Updates
  • Choose Install Type – Choose Custom to be able to select the JDK of choice
  • Choose Products and Components – No changes needed
  • JDK Selection – Pick the JRockit JDK previously installed
  • Choose Product Installation Directories – No changes needed
  • Confirm Product Installation Directories
  • Installer is running
  • Installation complete

An overview of the WebLogic Server installation screen can be viewed in the gallery:


2 thoughts on “Installing WebLogic Server on Ubuntu and JRockit 64 bits

  1. marc

    How did you solve starting the nodemanager? I installed this combination a few weeks ago, but my nodemanager fails to start. Error in loading native library for node manager. Disable the native libraries, decrease the performance dramatically.

  2. PeterPaul Post author

    Hi Marc, Sorry for the late reply. To be honest I didn’t solve that one yet. I’ll be looking into that later on and will keep you posted.

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