Installing Ubuntu 11.04 in VirtualBox

This post will show you how to install Ubuntu 11.04 in VirtualBox (Recently a post on installing Ubuntu 12.04 in VirtualBox became available and even more recent installing Ubuntu 13.04 in VirtualBox). In later posts this will be used to run: JRockit 64 bit, WebLogic Server (WLS) and Oracle Service Bus (OSB).

Prepare Ubuntu install in VirtualBox

A short recipe for preparing the Virtual Machine to install Ubuntu on it. The blog post Installing Ubuntu inside Windows using VirtualBox is more extensive on this subject…

  • Create a new Virtual Machine using the VirtualBox Manager
  • Click Next in the Welcome screen
  • Choose a Name for the Virtual Machine and select the Operating System (OS) before you click Next
  • Set the amount of memory you want to allocate to the Virtual Machine
  • When asked for the Virtual Hard Disk, check the Boot Hard Disk box and Create a new hard disk. Then the Create New Virtual Disk Wizard will start guiding you through the process
  • I choose a Fixed-size storage when asked for the Hard Disk Storage Type
  • Choose the Size (16 GB) and Location (left it default) for the Virtual Hard Disk
  • Check the summary
  • Watch the progress while the .vdi file is created
  • Click Finish to acknowledge the creation of the new Virtual Machine
  • The newly created Virtual Machine will show up in the VirtualBox Manager
  • In order to install Ubuntu 11.04 on the Machine go to the settings to alter the storage settings
  • Use the icon besides the IDE Controller to add the disk image – ISO file – you downloaded to boot and install Ubuntu as media in a drive
  • Check the boot order and make sure that the Machine is booted from the CD/DVD device first
  • Acknowledge
  • Start the Virtual Machine and the “regular” installation of Ubuntu will start

The screenshot that come with the short instructions above:

Ubuntu install

  • Boot the installation ISO
  • Choose Install Ubuntu and your language
  • Preparing to install Ubuntu – You don’t need the additions here to later install WebLogic Server and Oracle Service Bus
  • Allocate drive space – If you created a new Virtual Disk before you can safely erase the empty disk here
  • Erase disk and install Ubuntu – Acknowledge
  • Choose location and time zone
  • Keyboard layout
  • Who are you – Fill in the username, computer name and password
  • Welcome screen
  • Installation is complete – click the button to restart
  • Login as the user you just created

Watch the screenshots that come with the steps above:

Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions

  • From the VirtualBox Manager menu choose the Devices - Install Guest Additions options
  • Choose the application to start
  • Click Run
  • Authenticate with your password
  • You need to restart Ubuntu to make it work

Watch the screenshots that come with the steps above:

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