Create Data Source in WebLogic Server

While I had to document these steps for a customer that is new to WebLogic Server, I thought why not share these relatively easy steps in a blog post as well. So here they are. The screen shots that come with it are at the bottom.

Create Data Source

  1. Use a browser to go to the WLS Console, for example http://somehost:7001/console/login/LoginForm.jsp
  2. On the home page, click the Data Sources link. You can find it in the Domain Configurations, Services section;
  3. On the Summary of JDBC Data Sources page click the New button (to change current configuration click the link of the Data Sources you want to change);
  4. Choose the Name, JNDI Name, and select the Database Type (Oracle). Click Next to confirm and continue;
  5. Choose the Database Driver. This is depending on the selected Database Type. We used Thin XA for Instance connections for the Data Sources created in the project. Click Next;
  6. Click Next after you read the Transaction Options;
  7. Enter the Connection Properties and after that Next to confirm and continue:
    • Database Name
    • Host Name
    • Port
    • Database User Name
    • Password
  8. Click the Test Connection button, and if the test succeeded click next;
  9. On the Select Targets page check for example the AdminServer. Click finish.

More on configuring JDBC on WebLogic Server can be found here (and the PDF on JDBC admin).

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  1. Ankesh

    So, there is any fixed number of steps or its dynamically varies while creating Data source in web logic?

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