Install OSB next to VirtualBox SOA Suite 11g Appliance

In this post will show you how to install the Oracle Service Bus on the VirtualBox SOA Suite 11g appliance. For this demo we used a pretty straightforward installation scheme.

Oracle WebLogic Server installation

Download wls1033_oepe111150_linux32.bin for installation on Linux. Install using the command ./wls1033_oepe111150_linux32.bin:

Install WebLogic 10.3.3

The following screenshots will give you a good idea of the installation flow.

Oracle Service Bus installation

Start the Disk1/ and specify the JRE/JDK location /oracle/osbhome/jdk160_18/.

Install Oracle Service Bus

This sequence of screenshots gives you a good impression.

Configure a WebLogic Domain

Configure a Domain using the Oracle Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard using ./ in the /oracle/osbhome/oracle_common/common/bin directory.
Configuring a WLS Domain
A straightforward configuration of the WLS Domain requires the following steps:

Start WebLogic

./ and Have Fun!

4 thoughts on “Install OSB next to VirtualBox SOA Suite 11g Appliance

  1. Eric Elzinga

    Why don’t you install the osb in the same soa_home as the soasuite is installed in ?
    After that you can run the domain wizard to create a new managed server for the osb.

  2. PeterPaul Post author

    Eric, i don’t see any problems with a configuration like that.
    The customer ‘m consulting at this point in time has quite high requirements for scalability. We are under the impression that it is easier to separate the SOA Suite and OSB (over (virtual) servers when not installed in the same home.


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