Running SOA Suite 11g on your workstation

Fusion Middleware 11gThere are several advantages when working in a project with Oracle SOA Suite to have a local installation of the SOA Suite on your workstation. While developing and trying bits of code you can’t break other peoples work as you can on a central server. Running FMW 11g on a workstation with say memory on the low end of the spectrum can be challenging. In this blog I’ll show you some additional (to this previous post) measure that my blogless colleague Rob Heikoop came up with.

Rob came up with two things:

  • Create an All in One AdminServer as described on the Oracle wiki. We skipped BAM in the installation Use only one Domain in WLS. You’ll have to combine the admin en the SOA_domain. Running just one domain saves memory.
  • Keep the database centralized. In the central database each developer has it’s own SOA schema that is especially created for him. To do this run the RCU for every developer and use the prefix to reflect for example the developers initials (example of using RCU on slideshare). Not running the database on your workstation saves memory and CPU.

In order to have new developers being able to use this quickly we copy the reference installation (with plug-ins, patches and the works) and alter the configuration:

  • Alter the scripts in the C:\Devel\SOAMiddleware\user_projects\domains\soa_domain\bin directory to reflect your workstation name instead of that of the reference machine. You can do this easily by using an editor like Notepad++ and use Search > Find in files > Replace in files. Otherwise you’ll be stopping your teammates server…. (again sorry Rob)
  • Change the configuration files in C:\Devel\SOAMiddleware\user_projects\domains\soa_domain\config\jdbc to reflect the prefix created especially for you while using the RCU. Again Notepad++ can help you here.

Now you can start the tools:

  • WebLogic Server: C:\Devel\SOAMiddleware\user_projects\domains\soa_domain\bin\startWebLogic.cmd
  • JDeveloper: C:\Devel\SOAMiddleware\jdeveloper\jdeveloper.exe

4 thoughts on “Running SOA Suite 11g on your workstation

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  2. John Stegeman

    Nice post and tips.

    I wasn’t able to find any information in docs/Oracle Forums/Google about combining the 2 domains – could you share how you did that?


    Oracle ACE Director

  3. PeterPaul Post author

    Hi John,
    As I mention in the post the actual work was done by a colleague. My VM with a copy of the installation somehow can’t be restarted, and Rob is on a holiday, so i’ll need some more time to get back on your question…

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