Java EE or Spring

Recently I read an extensive blogpost by Frans van Buul on Spring and Java EE. As he points out there are some false arguments in favor of the Spring Framework. It is stated that:

Many of the arguments that have traditionally been brought forward in favor of Spring are invalid or outdated, because they target disadvantages of J2EE 1.4 and prior versions, rather than Java EE 5/6. … the original argument that this is not supported by Java EE is simply gone, and the remaining argument, if present, is much weaker.

If you’re in a position where evaluating these alternatives read the entire blogpost. Generally speaking there is no best way to go. Both are viable frameworks for writing Java applications.

The choice should be made by taking into account the particular requirements and technology strategy of the organizations building and using the application.

If there’s an opportunity we’ll see if we can come up with some rules of thumb for the selection.

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