JDeveloper on 64-bit Windows7

For a lot of us the migration to Windows7 will be the first time we get easy access to a 64-bit desktop OS. One of the first things after an upgrade like that is to get your tools, like in my case JDeveloper, working again. First step is to download the jdevinstall jar, and the Sun JDK. The installation worked fine:

java -jar jdevstudio11112install.jar

Running JDeveloper on 64-bit JVM

Running JDeveloper with the 64-bit JVM resulted in an error:

Unable TO launch the Java Virtual Machine  
located at path:  

A solution is to use the 32-bit JVM. To do this change the SetJavaHome in thejdev.conf that is located in the {JDEV_HOME}\jdev\bin\jdev.conf.

SetJavaHome C:\Java\jdk1.6.0_18_x86

Where the jdk1.6.0_18_x86 is a 32-bits JVM version.

12 thoughts on “JDeveloper on 64-bit Windows7

  1. PeterPaul Post author

    Not sure, haven’t compared it yet. I’ll see if I can find a collegue tomorrow running 32bit win7. If I do i’ll post an update.

  2. wang

    Thanks a lot !

    I assume the performance of Jdeveloper on 64 bit Wind 7 should be the same as 32 bit Win7 at least, right? I am thinking to buy a 64 bit win7 or a 32 bit win7.

  3. PeterPaul Post author

    Hmm, I couldn’t find a colleague with a win7 32 bits installation, so I’m not able to test it. This could be a good hint at what to go for when buying a new PC. The opportunity to use more memory is very welcome.

  4. wang

    Got it, thanks !

    Hope next Jdeveloper release will be able to use 64 bit JVM.

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  6. Sridhar

    Jdeveloper is working on Windows 7 64 bit version. After this small work around

    I clicked on Jdeveloper properties ==> Compatability (tab)

    Clicked the check box Run this program in compatability mode for “Windows XP (Service pack 3)”

    Then was able to launch the Jdeveloper

  7. MUHAMMAD Junaid

    I’ve Created DEV , UCM and PORTAL schema from RCU. and Then try to install UCM ,when schema passwrd screen appear for LOGIN and Create weblogic domain , It tell me INCORRECT PASSWORD, SO , I’ve DROP these 3 schema using RCU , during DROP schema, different errors appeared , and I’ve DELETED the middleware\rcu_Home folder and Unzip the rcu.rar fresh file to the same directory
    when I RUN rcu.bat and selectec CREATE SCHEMA then RCU WOUNDNT ALLOW ME TO CREATE SCHEMAS FOR PORTAL , DEV , UCM ..and also they appear in combo box to select

    I think it only droped not DELETED
    tell me the sqlplus commands fro DELETE schema. and also tell if it is DANGEROUS to delete some schema(example DEV schema) as I’m developing portal via WEBCENTER -Jdeveloper(integrated weblogic) , Xe , RCU, UCM )

  8. PeterPaul Post author

    Hi, not sure whether I understand your question correct.
    Why did you delete the middleware_home/rcu folder?
    You could drop the db user/schema as an admin and startover with a fresh install.


  9. MUHAMMAD Junaid

    Configuring JDBC Component schema :::::::

    ORA:01017 Test failed : invalid username/passwrd,; logon denied
    I’m creating base_domain (weblogic domain for components schema)
    I’ve rite
    schema owner : mDEV1_OCS
    oracle driver (thin) service connection ……..
    schema pass: weblogic1
    service : Xe
    port: 1521


    plz help me in CREATING and completing weblogic Domain WIZARD so I can use UCM ..I’ve short time
    Thanks for reply

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