Searching Oracle sample code

This week few initiatives to find sample code caught my eyes.

Oracle Sample Code Repository

Although there was already a sample code page on Oracle’s Technet. There probably were more… Oracle has created a Sample Code Repository. Like any repository this one should centralize and consolidate the large pile of samples that is available, both from Oracle product specialist, consultant, partners and customers.

Actually this could make it easier to find samples. To make this a success, there has to be a spirit of reuse. And as the major part of developers and architects out there can testify that’s not always easy part. It boils down to the same willingness for reuse of code that is required for a successful long term Service Oriented approach of software development within an organization.
Anyway some good examples are already available. A good introduction on samplecode at Oracle Technet can be found in this podcast (m4v) that features Duncan Mills. By the way, more podcasts can be found on the techcast page.

Google Code Search

Google Code Search is not exactly new, but it caught my attention because of some blogpost and comments I saw this week. To give it a try I did some queries with it and have mixed feelings so far. Asking around co-workers did not raise and enthusiastic crowd. Leaving me with the question whether any of you out there uses Google Code Search on a regular basis? And, do you have any examples for what kind of queries this works for you?
Thanks in advance for your comments.

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