Software AG acquires IDS Scheer

Only two years after acquiring webMethods, Software AG has announced it wants to acquire IDS Scheer. IDS Scheer has a great name in the BPM as well as the Enterprise Architecture (EA) market. Their strong global brand will enabled Software AG to grow it’s name in these markets.

Oracle has based it’s BPA Suite on the ARIS Design platform. From now on Oracle has to rely on a competitor to augment the process modeling capability functionality of their suite of products in the BPM arena. This puts the Oracle BPM 11g and BPA Suite 11g Partner Community Launch in a slightly different perspective.

One of the most insightful blog posts on this subject so far comes from Forrester. This, like other sources, states that “Software AG has agreed to treat ARIS as a separate entity, with its own roadmap and strategic direction“. Actually good news for ARIS customers, and continuity of the ARIS Design platform.

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