Starting with SOA Patterns

With the growing presence and maturity of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) in the IT industry, the question how to effectively implement a SOA grows louder. As does the need for good reference implementations. Patterns can fill an important role here. The simplest way to describe a pattern is that it provides a proven solution to a common problem individually documented in a consistent format and usually as part of a larger collection. This article will give you some starting points to jump start into the world of SOA Patterns.

Buy the book

SOA Patterns book cover

SOA Patterns book cover

SOA author Thomas Erl has in cooperation with experts and practitioners throughout the SOA community written a 865 page book called SOA Design Patterns .
This book helped me not only to get a better understanding of SOA Patterns, but also of SOA “in general”. Not exactly a cover to cover read, but with some good picks of patterns using the index, this read has enabled me to enhance the quality of my advice to our customers.

Podcasts and Web

Partially due to nostalgic reasons I still love to hold a (large) pile of paper while reading. However, while not as extensive as the book, the community site SOA Patterns that comes with the book offers a great reference. Besides that you can find a series of podcasts based on the book. I increased the knowledge transfer efficiency by listening to these podcasts while commuting.

Both of the starting point will give you a head start working with SOA Patterns. The book offers the most thorough and in-depth information. While the podcast plus web offers a great efficiency of knowledge transfer and a solid reference. This article from SOA World magazine will give you a good introduction.

Update May 28th 2009: As Clemens Utschig points out there is a series of podcasts in the OTN Arch2Arch community on the involvement of Oracle (employees) in Thomas Erl’s book. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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